Consuhotel is the only firm in the region specialized in the recruitment of hospitality professionals in charge of hotel managers and recruiters

Our service is not only a process for measuring competencies and aptitudes in the candidates, we apply a unique selection process, with technical interviews by hotel professionals who have worked in the field of international hospitality for a minimum of 20 years and who can determine based on their professional experience and know-how, if a candidate has the experience and knowledge necessary to perform the work of a certain profile or position either managerial or operational.

Finding the right candidate requires experience in the field.

We work so that each candidate that we integrate into your company is a candid, productive person and, above all, brings solutions and growth to it.

We complement our technical experience with the best tests on the market in (personality, leadership index, skills, I.Q. tested for over two decades in more than 20 countries.

Main services:

  • Recruitment of General Managers for Hotels, Operation Managers for Hospitality, Chef for hospitality bussiness. Rercuitment of Operation Positions for hotels..
  • Recruitment packages for hotel openings in all positions
  • Creation and Delivery of Induction for tourism business personnel
  • Creation of Remuneration Systems by Objectives


Read our data protection policy below.

If you agree, PLEASE SEND YOUR RESUME to indicating your salary expectations, position to which you apply and geographic availability.

1. Warning: In accordance with article 5 of Law No. 8968, you are informed that your curriculum vitae and therefore the data provided by you in it may be included in the database that Consuhotel manages. The purpose of the database is to have you as a candidate for a job at Consuhotel.

The information contained in the CV that you send us, will be kept confidential and will be used only by Consuhotel. It will not be shared or marketed with any other company. Consuhotel´s Management is responsible for the database, and may be contacted at 2220-24-25 or email You may refuse to provide your data and you are assisted by the rights regulated by law.

Before submitting your resume and curriculum vitae, you need to read the following information about the processing of your data.

Express and informed consent of the candidate: I have read, understand and accept the general terms and conditions of use and the privacy policy applicable to all purposes of Consuhotel company, so I therefore authorize you to, at your discretion, transfer my personal data contained in your database to third parties, within the country, provided that such transfer is made without violating the principles and rights recognized by the Law of Protection of the Person against the Treatment of their Personal Data and its corresponding Regulations.

2. Consent
In accordance with the provisions of Law No. 8968, by sending us your resume, this implies acceptance of the following Terms and Conditions and are giving your free and voluntary consent so that the data provided in your curriculum vitae may be registered in a database of Candidates for a job position at Consuhotel.

3. The following are the Terms and Conditions necessary for you to be part of the available candidates for a job in the tourism sector, with the company Consuhotel S.A. in accordance with Law 8968 and its corresponding regulations. Consuhotel may modify the Terms and Conditions of this privacy notice at any time.

Notice of Complete Privacy for job Candidates at Consuhotel or in a tourist company commercially allied to Consuhotel:

3. 1 Identification of responsible person and treatment of your personal data. In accordance with the provisions of Article 5 subsection h) of the Law for the Protection of the Person against the processing of their Personal data, we inform you that Consuhotel, will treat the personal data that it gathers from You, according to the resume sent, in the terms of this privacy notice. Owner or interested party will be understood as: Natural person who owns the personal data protected in the Law, or their representative. Consuhotel informs you that it keeps a resume database with all personal data that includes, and that it will use the information that you provide for the following purposes.

3.2 Objectives of this data collection and responsibilities of the person in charge:

For the legal relationship with the Responsible party Recruitment processes at Consuhotel, to find you a job or to contact you with a client that requires a candidate with your job profile.

To assess whether you are qualified to perform a position or function, to communicate with you regarding a position in our company or that of a client in the tourism industry.

Therefore and to achieve the purposes set forth above, the following personal data will be processed: name, surname, date of birth, sex, marital status, country of birth, address, cell phone or landline, and professional experience in tourism and salary aspiration . Also academic information, level of studies, career, start date, end date, institution, level of foreign languages, and level of technological knowledge and computer packages and other studies related to tourism.

Work Experience: companies where you have worked, time periods, company sector, organizational area, references offered by you and functions performed.

Labor Preferences: Minimum salary desired, preferred hours, days available to work, availability to travel, availability to relocate, where to relocate, areas of expertise.

Treatment that will be given to the data provided in your resume:
  • Review of the information provided by the candidate for a job • Verification of the data provided by the candidate
  • Direct communication with the candidate to indicate options on vacancies at the moment or in the future.
  • Recruitment and selection process (application of evaluations and interview)
  • Review of the labor references provided in your resume Data transfer to Consuhotel

Customers of the recipients of the information, as well as who can consult it:

We inform you that your personal data may be transferred within the country, to the following types of recipients to fill a job opening in the tourism sector.

Type of Recipient: Companies of the same group of the Responsible party

Purpose: Clients of the Responsible party, who require the services offered by the candidate.

Your personal data will not be transferred to third parties unrelated to the Responsible party.

By submitting my Curriculum Vitae, I give my express consent for the transfer of my personal data within the country under terms of this privacy notice.

Means to void consent for the processing of personal data.

You may revoke your consent to the processing of your personal data, included in the curriculum vitae to the same email address where you sent your curriculum vitae or by telephone. If after the revocation you request its confirmation, the Responsible party will respond expressly.

The person responsible for the database, upon submission of the request for cancellation of consent, will have a period of five business days from receipt of the same, to proceed in accordance with the revocation. Also, within the same period of five business days, he must inform of said revocation to those natural or legal persons to whom you have transferred the data, which must proceed within five business days from the notification to execute the revocation of the consent. The revocation of consent will not have retroactive effect.

When the proprietor requests confirmation for the cessation of processing their data, the person responsible must respond free of charge, expressly within three business days, from the presentation of said request.

As the proprietor, you may request at any time, the total or partial deletion of the data.

In the event that a security breach occurs that significantly affects your economic or moral rights, the person responsible will immediately notify you by email of the security breach event, so that you can take the necessary measures necessary to defend your rights or by publication on the website

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